We love sports, challenges and winning. Finding value is what we are all about whether it is in sports markets or getting a discount at the supermarket. We get that it doesn’t always makes sense why we would sell such a thing if it works as good as we are claiming. The problem with sports trading and exploiting value on the European bookmakers is that they will eventually limit anyone who wins over time. This has happened to all of us, so one way to look at it is that through providing this service to you we are able to get back the at the bookies and at the same time indirectly getting a cut of the profits through our subscription fee. Or in other words it’s a win-win.


Marius Norhein - Our CEO and succesful sports bettor


Email: Marius@tradematesports.com

Marius is in charge of running Trademate on a daily basis. He has a Master’s degree from NTNU School of Entrepreneurship with a technical specialization in Mechanical Engineering. Before Trademate he worked as the Chief Marketing Officer at Islero, an equity research platform for retail investors. Marius is also a passionate Liverpool supporter.

Tobias Velvang - Our CTO and betting software developer


Email: Tobias@tradematesports.com

Tobias is our lead developer. He has his education from NTNU in Trondheim Norway where he studied computer science with a specialization within A.I. When he is not working with our codebase he is working with his own coding. Besides a love for coffee and betting, Javascript and React is pretty close.

Jonas Gjelstad - Professional sports bettor and poker player


Founder & CMO
Jonas has been making a living as a professional sports bettor and poker player ever since high school. You can watch our documentary series where he tells how he went from $10.000 to $ 1.000.000 in profits from betting. He won the largest pot Joe Ingram ever played of $91.2k. You can listen to him discussing poker and betting on the Joe Ingram podcast. In 2016 he won the Norwegian No-Limit Holdem HeadsUp Poker Championship.

Jan Runo - Sports betting software developer and entrepreneur


Email: Jan@tradematesports.com

Jan is our German contribution to making it a multinational start-up. Besides being a highly skilled back-end developer he has an impressive track-record and solid experience from his previous endeavour as a co-founder of Movinga. Having trouble acclimatizing to the cold weather in Norway he spends most of his time inside making Trademate faster and more functional. He wrote his bachelor on the use of the Kelly criterion in betting.

Mauricio Monzon - Sports betting software developer and entrepreneur


Email: Marketing@tradematesports.com

Mauricio is a Paraguayan/Spanish master student in Oslo. He is doing his Masters in Strategic Marketing at BI, one of the most prestigious business schools in Norway. He has a very international background, before coming to Norway, he worked and studied in Taiwan and France, and he’s fluent in 5 languages. Although he is not such a big sports fan, he sees sports trading as an interesting investment opportunity.

Gumundur Jonsson - Summer intern and e-sports expert


Summer Intern
Gudmundur has been one of our summer interns in 2017. He’s a computer science student at the University of Oslo, right next door to the Trademate HQ. He is working with the tech team, but is also our self-proclaimed e-sports expert, with particular interest in CS:GO.

Henrik Giske Fosse - Summer Intern and Sports trading enthusiast


Summer Intern
Henrik is currently a business and developing intern at Trademate Sports and an Industrial Economy and Computer Science student at NTNU. His primary tasks are designing and producing customer interactive material, nurturing customer relations and tracking and analysing data. He is passionate about three things, the Trademate community, coffee and thoroughly understanding the betting industry.

Martin Tveitstol - Summer Intern and sports fan


Summer Intern
A Trademate business intern since May, Martin's main focus is marketing and business development. With a keen interest in sports, investing and statistics, he also creates content for Trademate's blog and social media platforms. He studies Industrial Economics and Technology Management at NTNU.

William Andreas Kristensen - Summer intern, sports bettor and poker player


Summer Intern
William is one of our interns, he is a third year student of a 5-year MSc in Communication Technology program at NTNU. He also spent the last year in Australia as an exchange student. When he is not here working to improve our page he enjoys being active, hanging out with friends, betting and playing a bit of poker.


Trademate was founded by childhood friends Jonas and Martin on a cabin trip in Telemark in 2014. Jonas had been making money from playing poker and sports betting professionally while Martin was studying Cybernetics Engineering at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Martin came up with the idea of automating the search for edges and developed the first version of the product called Edgebet. Next Tobias and Marius joined the team after meeting Martin while studying together at the NTNU School of Entrepreneurship. During the summer of 2016 our oddsengine was completely rebuilt and new features were added to better suit the needs of aspiring and professional sports traders. So we launched the new product under a more suitable name: Trademate Sports. Since then the team has expanded further to include Jan and the summer interns Martin, Henrik, Gudmundur and William.