The Bets

To make the simulation more realistic we have put certain constraints on the Bot.

Odds: As most bettors know, increased odds increase the variance, we have limited the odds to a maximum of 3.5.

Timing: The world of betting is dynamic, so we have limited the Bot to placing trades no more than 6 hours ahead.

Edge: The Bot doesn't place trades with an edge lower than 1.5%. The higher the edge the higher your EV is going to be.

Number of Trades: To stop the Bot from exhausting its entire bankroll we have limited the number of open bets to 30.

Sports And Leagues

The Bot is currently picking trades from all leagues and all sports except from tennis. When August is coming around the Bot will be limited to only trade on the biggest leagues. If you are using Trademate this will be the leagues listed under recommended leagues.

Bet Sizing

To determine how much to place on each trade we use a formula called Kelly's criterion. Using 100% Kelly is in many cases a staking strategy that can be too aggressive. Using the Kelly formula is optimized for serial investments and not parallel. Because placing one and one trade is not an alternative we have reduced the staking startegy to 50% of what Kelly recommends.

Reducing the Kelly % will result in a more even spread of the fund on the open trades, hence it will reduce your variance.


The 4 metrics given are Fund Growth, Total Profit, Average ROI and Number of trades. The fund growth is how much the initial bankroll has increased/decreased. The Bot started with $2000 so a 10% fund growth is the equivalent to a profit of $200. ROI stands for Return on Investment and is the average return you get. So if your avreage ROI is 4% you will have gotten an average of $4 on every $100 wagered.